Where can I find a great cookie gift you ask? We’ve found some of the best cookie gifts around!

Oh the delight of an amazing cookie! And when it comes to great cookie gifts, these cookies gifts are sure to delight anyone at any time for any occasion!

a tray of cookies with an assortment of colorful icing and toppings

Cheryl’s Famous Buttercream Frosted cookies are a great cookie gift indeed. If you’ve not enjoyed the amazing melt in your mouth pleasure of the famous buttercream frosted cookie crafted by Cheryl’s, you’re missing out!

We can assure you that their decades of cookie making experience and delightful assortment offerings are sure to please any giftee!

From buttercreams to brownies and beyond, any gift from Cheryl’s is sure to be a gift of pure delight!

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a pretty red pail of delicious cookies with cookies stacked adjacent

Mrs. Fields ~ If you’re going to become famous, do it making an amazing cookie. And even better, offer great cookie gifts too!

In actuality, we don’t know if Debbi Fields intended to become quite so famous for making cookies when she started doing so, but she wound up doing just that much to our delight.

Mrs. Fields cookies are sure to provide delicious joy every time!

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a bouquet of block shaped cookies with new baby icing decorations

Cookies by Design offers great cookie gifts that are sure to dazzle! We all love a gorgeous bouquet. And when that bouquet satisfies the sweet tooth with yummy baked goodness, even better!

If you’re seeking to send joyful thoughts around a particular event, holiday, or you simply want to wish someone a sweet day, Cookies by Design is sure to meet the mark!

You will hardly believe all of the amazing choices offered in this sweet world of tasty cookies!

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a large red tin of delicious looking cookies

David’s Cookies ~ Making great cookies gifts by doing it the David’s way with fresh natural ingredients since 1979 puts these sweet gems on our list!

The 80’s inspired vibe combined with current trends you’ll find when perusing the tasty selections here are sure to make you long to reach into your screen and grab a delicious cookie.

For great gifting that is sure to please any cookie lover, David’s Cookies is right on target with cookies and more!

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a tower of 5 gorgeous boxes tied up with a bow adjacent an assortment of delicious cookies

Harry & David ~ Long known for quality and elegance, A delivery from Harry & David is always a delightful surprise. And, their cookie gift assortments are perfect!

Since 1934, Harry & David has grown to become America’s premier choice for gourmet gifts.

Using only the finest ingredients both in and out, these home style cookie gift selections present exceedingly well to the eye and the taste buds!

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When gifting, our cute little bows are there because they look pretty. But they also serve as a little more insight into what makes a beautiful gift?

image shows a beautiful gold wrapped gift box with box and yellow tulips

You are wondering about the cute little ribbon bow in the upper left hand corner of our featured products? Let us fill you in. We love saving money and when we can save money by finding great deals on gifts, now that’s a sweet day!

We add these tags to featured products to help you gift beautifully too. You can see at a glance what level of giftability this great deal possesses. For instance, you don’t want to give someone a treadmill as a gift unless you know they want a treadmill. So we tag exercise equipment with a yellow bow. Even though that tooth whitening kit looks remarkable, something of this nature is best suited for self-gifting and would be tagged with a red bow. And with so many great deals on gifts here at Saves & Faves, when you see an item tagged with green, gift away! Cheers!

Beautiful Gift Guide

beautiful green bow represents products that make great gifts

Green for Excellent Indeed! What a lovely gift this makes. It’s sure to be well-received, bring joy, and you will certainly hit the mark with this beautiful gift. So go ahead, make someone’s day!

beautiful yellow bow represents products that may make great gifts in certain situations

Yellow for Very Nice! But caution applies for gifting if an item is project or planning oriented, health or beauty intensive, really heavy or bulky, refurbished or pre-owned, or intimate in nature. Be sure you’re comfortable that it will be well-received.

beautiful red bow represents products that make great gifts for self-gifting

Red for So Fabulous! But perhaps this item is actually very personal in nature and therefore, more appropriate for self-gifting. You’ve certainly worked hard and you most decidedly deserve to treat yourself too. So, go for it & enjoy

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