GET $196 OFF Frida Mini Vitello Backpack by Furla!

this red burgundy leather backpack with gold hardware makes a great fashion deal

Save money with this great fashion deal. Get 65% off the Frida Mini Vitello Leather Backpack by Furla. It’s normally $305 but we discovered it today on sale now for only $108. We love great deals like these, especially great deals on gifts. This sweet deal makes a wonderful gift whether you’re self-gifting or gifting to someone special. And it saves you over $196. So go now to get this sweet deal while it’s still available at Neiman Marcus Last Call.

this red burgundy leather backpack with gold hardware makes a great fashion deal

What a great deal but does this item really make a beautiful gift too?

You are wondering about the cute little ribbon bow in the upper left hand corner of our featured products? Let us fill you in. We love saving money and when we can save money by finding great deals on gifts, now that’s a sweet day!

We add these tags to featured products to help you gift beautifully too. You can see at a glance what level of giftability this great fashion deal possesses. For instance, you don’t want to give someone a treadmill as a gift unless you know they want a treadmill. So we tag exercise equipment with a yellow bow. Even though that tooth whitening kit looks remarkable, something of this nature is best suited for self-gifting and would be tagged with a red bow. And with so many great deals on gifts, wen you see an item tagged with green, gift away!

Beautiful Gift Colored Bow Guide

Green ~ Yellow ~ Red

beautiful green bow represents products that make great gifts

Beautiful Indeed! What a lovely gift this makes. It’s sure to be well-received and you will hit the mark with this beautiful gift. So go ahead, make someone’s day!

beautiful yellow bow represents products that may make great gifts in certain situations

Very Nice! But caution may apply for gifting if this item is project or planning oriented, health or beauty intensive, refurbished or pre-owned, or more intimate in nature.

beautiful red bow represents products that make great gifts for self-gifting

So Fabulous! But perhaps this item is more appropriate for self-gifting. You’ve certainly work hard and you most certainly deserve to treat yourself too. Enjoy!

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